Business IT Solutions

Is your company large enough to need frequent IT support, but not large enough to warrant hiring your own full-time IT person? If your answer is YES, AQM Business IT Services are a perfect fit for your organization. We have over 19 years of experience dealing with business networks just like yours. Whether you have one server or a full data center of servers, we have the know-how to manage your systems effectively and securely. We are completely versed in Microsoft Active Directory server systems, SQL Server design/maintenance, Exchange and email software, backup systems, disaster recovery, and virtually all other aspects of IT systems management. When you let AQM become your IT experts, you are making an investment in your business that will definitely pay off!

AQM Computer Help can design a server infrastructure for virtually any business need. Our network engineers are fully trained and certified in Microsoft Active Directory network server operating systems. From Window NT to the latest Windows Server editions, AQM has been installing and managing server systems from the beginning. Our systems engineers have years of experience solving the toughest IT problems and finding the best IT solutions! Contact US today and let us put together a quote for you!

When it comes to wiring your business for connectivity, AQM can get you going in no time! We can wire your building for 1G/10G CAT6, connect multiple buildings with fiber optic cabling, or connect multiple sites with wireless bridging technology. We also run cabling for VOIP or traditional business telephone systems. Whatever your needs, AQM specializes in network connections. If it can be connected, WE can connect it!

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